Since 1921, families and friends have gathered at Centre Hills Country Club to enjoy time together.  As one of the finest venues in Centre County, Centre Hills Country Club offer members a handsome atomosphere with the amenities of a fine club.  The club feature a beautiful clubhouse, golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pool.all served by a professional and family friendly staff.

If you are interested in joining Centre Hills Country Club, please contact or by phone 814-238-0111.

A membership of any class entitles the member, the member’s spouse, and all unmarried dependent children (juniors) under age 25, to the full privileges of golf, tennis, swimming, dining and the social facilities of the clubhouse.
*****Every membership must continue for a minimum period of one year.
 An Active member must be 21 years of age or over.  An Active member has the right to vote and hold Club office. 
 A Young Adult member must be between the ages of 21 and 35 years.  A Young Adult member does not have voting privileges or the right to hold Club office.  A Young Adult member may request to transfer to Active membership after one year as a Young Adult member.  A Young Adult member may remain in this status for a maximum of five (5) years or until the Young Adult member reaches the age of 36, whichever comes first.  Young Adult candidates will be placed on the Waiting List if the Club is at its 400 membership quota.
 A Non-Resident member must be 21 years of age.  The Non-Resident member’s principal place of residence must be outside the radius of seventy-five miles from the clubhouse, and a Non-Resident member may not reside within this radius for a period of over one month during the golf season.  A Non-Resident member does not have voting privileges or the right to hold club office.  There is no limit on the number in this class of membership.
 Corporate memberships are available.  Please contact Membership & Event Director Jamie Ryan for more information.