Centre Hills Members want their guests to have a memorable experience when visiting the Club. Guests of the club are to be accompanied by a member. To help ensure an enjoyable experience, we would like to bring the following to your attention

Dress Code

The appearance of members and guests is important to the quality of our club. It is required that members and their guests adhere to the following dress code in the appropriate area of the club. In accordance with the club’s general guidelines, blue jeans or jean shorts are not permitted on the golf courses, practice range or tennis courts. Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats in the dining rooms and grill room.
  • Denim of any color is allowed on all levels of the clubhouse with the exception of designated times and events.
  • No denim is allowed on the golf course.
  • Collared shirts are required in all areas of the clubhouse and on the golf course.
  • Shorts are not allowed in the Main Dining Room or Pub with the exception of designated times and events.
  • Pool attire is not permitted in the clubhouse.
Main Dining Room, Terrace and Pub  Business Casual, Jackets preferred
Grill Room, Patio Grille, Front Patio, Board Room Casual and Sports Casual
Back Patio Casual and Sports Casual

Business Casual

Men’s shirts with collars and sleeves, turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks. Women’s shirts with collar or collarless with sleeves. Dress denim for either men or women. Tee shirts, tank tops, sports jerseys, shorts more than 2” above the knees, frayed, torn or threadbare garments, swimwear, cutoffs, grunge denim and cargo shorts are prohibited. Golf and dress shirts with tails must be tucked in. No bare feet or flip flops are permitted.

Casual and Sports Casual

Appropriate golf attire, men’s shirts with collars and sleeves, turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks. Women’s shirts with collar or collarless with sleeves. Nice denim for men or women is permitted. Appropriate tennis attire. Frayed, torn or threadbare garments, grunge denim are prohibited.

Golf Guests

Guests from the State College area (75 mile radius) are permitted to play the original 18-hole course a maximum of two times a year (except for member-guest tournament play). A member will sign in his or her guest in the Pro Shop prior to play. Immediate family members of a member (parents, children, grandchildren) are permitted to play a total of six times on the original 18-hole course in the course of a year.


All charges for Centre Hills services must be placed on a members account. Guests are not permitted to pay directly for club services.


Guests visiting the pool area are asked to park in the lower parking lot or in the designated area on the grass between the pool and the 6th hole.